Entire solutions for commercial and corporate architecture for small, medium and large companies

Own methodology and exclusive intelligence used for controlling and execution of project and constructions.

For the last 4 years, we have developed a unique system to control our projects and work executions. Our method allow us to have as client since small companies until multinationals served with the same standard of quality and precision. We are available to guarantee the same high-quality standard to execute schedules and the cost planning guaranteed by contracts.

Our services:

  • Architectural and complementary projects with presentation in virtual reality
  • Execution and coordination of construction with weekly control via app
  • Real estate consultancy in order to support our clients to find the best propery
  • Decoration and interior design
  • Full service and Turnkey

We serve companies from diferent segments:


Small, medium and large offices, commercial complexes, coworkings, internal and external areas of buildings and multinational headquarters, among others.


Stores and businesses in general, offices, clinics, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, food trucks, shopping mall kiosks, training centers and showrooms, among others.

Portfolio, know our work:

Why hiring our office

Bruno Moraes Architecture?

Why hiring our office Bruno Moraes Architecture?

Schedule guaranteed by contract

Once a week, we assure to send detailed report informing about schedule updates, weekly financial planning, construction diary and photos/description informing what was done.

Specialized supervision

In order to guarantee the quality of our services and respect the schedule established in the contract, an engineer is responsible to realize a daily supervision in each work our office develop.

Our own expert team

We work with our own specialized team to ensure a high standard of quality. Our employees wear uniform and use all the necessary PPE to guarantee safety.

No unpleasant surprises

Our office develop a detailed and accurate monthly planning of expenses with materials. This is our reciepe to avoid unpleasant surprises during the project.
Our customer knows exactly the amount of money they will disburse each month.

Cost control app

We work with a cost control application where our customer can monitor, in real time, the entire process. In a transparently way, it is possible to monitor weekly, fortnightly and monthly operating cost spreadsheets.

We take care of everything

We control 100%all purchasing processes: price research, verification, checking of the order placed, logistics, receipt of material at the work and everything that includes the arrives of our customers to their new address.

Our clients:

We offer  full solutions for companies of different sizes

We have the DUNS registration that qualify us the offer our services to large size multinationals: professional certification, NBR courses and IT certifications with international registration.

We provide all approvals in public administration, including, municipal and federal government agencies.

In addition to the architectural project, we are qualified to develop complementary projects such as structure, electrical, data, fire fighting, hydraulics and air conditioning, among others

Production and decoration: painting, carpet, moving management, plants, ornaments, plates, glasses and other utensils.

We design a test scenario where our costumer can test all furniture and items for a specified period. It is possible due to the partnerships we developed with several suppliers.

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